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Turbånd til Jul
With a wristband to Bakken you get access to all Bakkens amusements - all day.
There is a maximum of 10 rides per attraction

As a member of MitBakken loyalty club you always get a discount when...

Priser fra : 149 kr.
MitBakken price

Sæsonkort 2018
Season card
Access to Denmark's funniest amusements - all season. The season card gives the holder one wristband, to Bakken amusement rides, per. day throughout the season.
Remember! There is always free admission at Bakken.

Price : 799 kr.

Mini Turbånd
Mini Wristband
The Mini Wristband is for children only. The child must be 115 cm tall or shorter. The Mini Wristband provides entrance to 11 rides on Bakken classified as ‘children rides’.
There is a maximum of 10 rides per attractio...

Priser fra : 139 kr.
MitBakken price

Discount booklet
Discount booklet contains coupons that you can use for all Bakkens rides - both rides, wheel of fortune, games etc.
There are 44 coupons in a booklet, and you pay 4-10 coupons per. ride.

Price : 199 kr.

Bakkens ØLTOUR
Beer tour
Bakken Beertour is for anyone who enjoys a cold beer and a good experience.
For only 119 kr. You get:
- Exclusive Bakken ØLTOUR tasting glass
- 8 samples of beer (8 x 15 cl = 120 cl.) 1 sample at each pub.
- Guide to...

Price : 119 kr.

Bakkens 5-Kamp
Pentathlon (5-match)
Bakken pentathlon is a contest where you fight against each other in five different games. This is a long-standing favourite that is guaranteed to get everyone laughing, and suits both old and young. Anyone can partic...

Price : 100 kr.