Terms of trade and business

Terms and conditions for online purchase of tickets for tour tires and other products at A / S Dyrehavsbakken.

1. Agreement on the purchase of tickets for tour belts and other products

Purchases made in A / S Dyrehavsbakken's webshop are binding on you (hereinafter)

"Buyer") when A / S Dyrehavsbakken (hereinafter "seller") has registered the payment.


Seller reserves the right to make changes to the delivery until the time of delivery. In that case, the seller guarantees at least a corresponding functionality and performance.

These terms and conditions are otherwise subject to the general rules of Danish law, including e.g. The E-Commerce Act and the Consumer Contracts Act, etc.



2.1.Payments of payment

Payment in the webshop can be made with Dankort and selected payment cards. In addition, it is possible to pay with an EAN number. Please see special terms for this below. An administration fee of dkk is charged. 5, - pr. order.

Buyer has the following payment options:


Visa Dankort Visa Elektron Maestro

Visa (Business card + 1.2%, non EU card + 1.55%) Mastercard (Business card + 1.2%, non EU card + 1.55%) MobilePay


Payment information is processed encrypted by agreement with ReePay. Thus, no one else can gain insight into the buyer's card information, just as the seller does not view and / or store your card information.

However, the seller stores the name, address, telephone number and e-mail of the individual buyer for use in the event of issuing new tickets and / or gift cards as a result of loss, cf. section 5 of these terms and conditions. The information is not stored for other commercial purposes. Reference is also made to Dyrehavsbakken's personal data policy: www.bakken.dk/persondatapolitik

1. For purchases with Dankort and other payment cards:

The amount is withdrawn from the buyer's account when the buyer accepts the order in the seller's webshop. Immediately afterwards, an order confirmation is sent with a link to tickets for the buyer per. e-mail. In this, conditions for e.g. regret be described. Terms of cancellation are also described in these terms and conditions of trade, which the buyer is made aware of and accepts the contents of in connection with the purchase.

2. When buying with EAN

All orders with EAN number are handled manually. Once you have completed the order and provided your EAN number, you will receive an email confirming your order. You will receive the final order confirmation when the order has been processed.

Notice! It can take up to 72 hours before an EAN ordrer is processed.

Along with your final order confirmation, you will receive a link where you can pick up your tickets. All EAN invoices are subject to an administration fee of DKK 80.


3. Validity

Tickets for tour bands with a specific date of use are only valid for the selected day. This also applies to all other products with a specific date of use, including for example products containing food, such as picnic baskets, hero diets etc. It will appear from the order confirmation whether it is a product with a specific use date.

For products where there is no specific use date, or where a specific pick-up date is not specified when purchasing, these apply to be picked up at Bakkens Salg og Information during opening hours within the season, which is:

March 22. - April 1. 

Weekends, April 5th. - 28th.
All days from april 29th - september 1st. 
Fridays, saturdays and sundays from September 1st - September 8th.

October 12th. - 20th

Gift certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of issue in accordance with Danish law's general rules on limitation, unless a shorter period of validity has been agreed. Reservations are made for general price increases. Attention is also drawn to the fact that Dyrehavsbakken is open for the season and that closing days may occur during the season. Gift cards cannot be redeemed out of season or on closing days.


4. Loss of ticket

If the buyer's ticket or gift card is lost, a new one can be requested by contacting the seller in person. However, it is a requirement that the buyer can present valid photo identification as well as provide valid information about which telephone number and which e-mail address is provided at the time of purchase.

However, the issuance of a new ticket / gift card cannot take place with regard to tickets and gift cards that relate to a specific date, if the date has been exceeded.


5. Undoing and exchanging

The right of withdrawal does not apply with regard to tour belts or tickets, etc. issued for use on specific dates, including, for example, tour tapes or tickets for events and dining.

There is a right of withdrawal with regard to unused gift cards, season tickets, discount booklets and other purchases that do not relate to a specific date. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must within 14 days after the purchase notify the seller that the buyer will use the right of withdrawal. It is sufficient for compliance with the deadline that the notification, when available on paper or e-mail, is ready and sent before the deadline expires. Undoing must not be justified. Seller acknowledges receipt of cancellationelsen. If the product has been redeemed, it is no longer possible to cancel the order.

If Buyer exercises its right of withdrawal under this Agreement, Seller will refund all payments received from Buyer without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date we have received notice of Buyer's decision to cancel this Agreement. The seller basically makes such a refund with the same means of payment. as the buyer used in the original transaction, unless the buyer has expressly agreed to something else. In any case, the buyer is not charged any kind of fees as a result of the refund.

When exchanging gift cards for tickets, the value of the gift card is written down by the desired ones

value of tickets.


6. Restrictions due to Covid-19 (Corona) or similar

Dyrehavsbakken is obliged to follow the authorities' requirements and guidelines in connection with the Corona epidemic or similar epidemics. These restrictions vary, and the buyer is obliged to stay informed on the seller's website, including, for example, regarding requirements that access requires the presentation of a negative Coronatest that is less than a certain number of days old, requirements for distance, requirements for to wear a mask on the Dyrehavs hill and the like. There is no special right of withdrawal or right to return purchases as a result of such restrictions, whether these have arisen before or after the purchase, and the seller reserves the right to reject guests who do not meet the relevant requirements and guidelines.


7. Complaint / Limitation

All complaints must be addressed directly to the seller.

The buyer must complain within a reasonable time after the buyer has or should have discovered the defect that gives rise to the complaint. Otherwise, the right to make a complaint is forfeited. The general rules of the Limitation Act are otherwise applicable unless otherwise agreed.


8. Reservations

Seller makes the following reservations:

Subject to errors in prices as well as for sold out items
Subject to printing errors and / or system errors generated by the webshop
Subject to errors in prices and other printing errors in marketing material on www.bakken.dk as well as through external marketing channels

In the event of such errors, the seller is not bound by the stated prices or terms.


9. Liability / Limitations of Liability

The seller is liable to the buyer in accordance with the general rules of Danish law in this regard.

The seller can only be claimed compensation for losses due to defects if the seller has acted in breach of ordinary honesty or given the buyer misleading information or failed to disclose a defect that the seller knew or should have known or the defect after the purchase was caused by the seller's negligence .

The seller is not responsible for indirect losses, consequential damages, operating losses, loss of data and costs for their recovery and loss of profit, regardless of whether this is due to simple or gross negligence.

The seller has product liability in relation to the delivery's damage to persons and objects in accordance with the mandatory legislation in force at any given time. In addition, the seller assumes no product liability.


10. Discharge - force majeure

The following circumstances give rise to discharge by the seller when they occur after the conclusion of the agreement and prevent its performance or make the performance unreasonably burdensome:

Labor disputes, strikes, lockouts and any other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, unforeseen military calls of a similar magnitude, acts of sabotage, seizure, currency restrictions, riots and riots,

lack of means of transport, general shortage of goods, restrictions on propellants, epidemics - including new and old - and shortcomings in deliveries from subcontractors, or delays in such deliveries due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this paragraph.

If the seller wishes to invoke any of the circumstances mentioned, the seller must without undue delay notify the buyer in writing of the occurrence and termination of the event.

Both parties are entitled, by written notice to the other, to terminate the agreement when its performance within a reasonable time becomes impossible due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this paragraph.

The seller decides when there is a circumstance that prevents the fulfillment of the agreement or makes the fulfillment unreasonably burdensome.


11. Contact information for seller A / S Dyrehavsbakken

Dyrehavevej 51.1

2930 Klampenborg bakken@bakken.dk CVR no. 33247613

Administration Office - Tel. 3963 3544

Phone hours: Monday-Friday at 09.00-12.00


The above Trading and Business Conditions were last updated on February 22nd 2024.